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Implementer’s Forum

Public health is not a competition

Everyone wins when we collaborate and share knowledge together. That is why we host the implementers forum, a community focused on sharing best practices across public health agencies, no matter which county, state, province, or country you come from. 

The implementers are the teams trying to turn software into something that Public Health Authorities (PHAs) and the general population can use in their fight against the pandemic. Oftentimes this is an IT vendor or consulting firm that has been hired to take the code, such as one of the open source applications available from LFPH, and deploy it for use by a particular jurisdiction. 

So much of this work is a replicable process and we want to make it easy to deploy these technologies faster. We do this through providing knowledge – the lessons learned from other teams who have come before, the data shared from epidemiologists and immunologists translated into parameters and algorithms. 

What the Implementer’s Forum is doing

  • Building the Implementer’s Forum website, an open source guide to building and deploying Exposure Notification apps. This builds on the model of 18F, the U.S. government’s digital services agency now hosted at Georgetown University, which built the Agile Budgeting Playbook, a very similar project.
  • Hosting events, such as the GAEN Symposium, to bring together all the implementers for collaborative conversation.
  • Creating community via a private Slack channel so all teams can work together to solve common problems. 

Getting started

The Implementer’s Forum is open to PHA’s and the teams working with them on Google-Apple Exposure Notification API (GAEN) based apps. An entitlement is required to participate. To begin the process of getting an entitlement, work with your state, province, or country governments to fill in and submit this template.

You can learn more about getting an entitlement and how to get started with a GAEN-based exposure notification app on our Implementer’s Forum documentation page.

We are here to help you get the most effective tools out to your communities as quickly as possible. If you are interested in joining, please set up a meeting or email