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Linux Foundation Public Health hosts, supports, and nurtures open source technology to benefit public health initiatives. Become an LFPH member and join us on this journey.

Why companies should join LF Public Health

  1. New market opportunity—There are many billions of dollars being invested in public health IT infrastructure over the next few years. LFPH is strategically positioned to observe and shape those investments.
  2. Reopen our economy—We need to get the pandemic under control to allow regular business to return to normal. LFPH can help.
  3. Positive publicity—Public acknowledgment as a technology leader working together in a coalition on privacy-protecting solutions.

Membership Benefits

Governing Board seat

Premier members get a seat on the governing board (GB), which sets the strategy, appoints the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), approves the budget, and updates the charter. General members participate in an election with 1 GB seat for each 10 general members, up to a total of 3 seats.


Participate in the Outreach Committee to publicize LFPH and its hosted technologies and collaborate across the industry to provide consistent messaging around public health, open source, security, and privacy.

Thought leadership

Demonstrate thought leadership and get access to a broader community of those engaged in the public health technology ecosystem. Host one of our weekly webinars covering any open source technology in the public health ecosystem (see CNCF’s examples). Provide industry commentary on the LFPH blog. Have your organization featured in case studies (see CNCF’s examples).

Annual dues

Premier member

Consolidated employeesNew to LFExisting LF member
100 – 199$85,000 $75,000 
<100$80,000 $75,000 

Note: Premier membership requires a two year minimum commitment

General member

Consolidated employeesNew to LFExisting LF member
3,000 – 4,999$45,000 $30,000 
1,000 – 2,999$35,000 $20,000 
500 – 999$25,000 $10,000 
100-499$15,000 $5,000 
50 – 99$10,000$5,000

Other membership types

New to LFExisting LF member
Public health authority
associate member
Academic or nonprofit associate member$0$0


The success of LFPH is dependent on the contributions and support of the member companies and developer community. Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the public health ecosystem.

If you are interested in a public health authority or nonprofit membership or have any questions, please get in touch.