The Herald Project has been one of LFPH’s fastest-growing projects, recently adding new code and contributors, and approved by our Technical Advisory Committee to become a Stage 3 project. Currently deployed in Australia and Alberta, CA, Herald is on 7.5 million phones and joins the Google-Apple Exposure Notification Protocol (GAEN) as one of the only protocols in use in multiple countries around the world.

GovTech Singapore has donated the code for their exposure notification app, OpenTrace, to the Herald Project. Based on the code powering Singapore’s TraceTogether application, OpenTrace was one of the earliest open source end-to-end exposure notification systems designed to slow the spread of SARS-COV-2. We are excited to see where this collaboration leads! You can read more about this on the Herald blog

In addition, Joel Kek from Signapore’s GovTech will be joining Herald’s formal governance as a Commiter, in addition to Mike Volokhov and Liam McNair. With these additional Commiters, Herald’s leadership has representation from a variety of countries and companies. This commitment to open source governance best practices will help sustain the project over time and ensure that it stays focused on its mission of serving public health authorities with the tools they need to do contact tracing at scale. 

As a result of this progress, the LFPH Technical Advisory Committee has chosen to move Herald to a Stage 3 project. Adam Fowler, lead on Herald, will be joining the committee as a voting member and guiding other projects at LFPH which are looking to grow over time.