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COVID-19 Credentials Initiative

The COVID-19 Credentials Initiative is a global community of more than 300 technologists, academics and healthcare professionals from more than 100 organizations working on projects that use privacy-driven verifiable credentials to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Linux Foundation Public Health is glad to welcome the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI) as a community within the foundation.

Its guiding principles include interoperability, privacy, data protection and inclusion. The community will bring together new open standards work with existing health data standards to ensure vaccine credentials are interoperable and digitally verifiable. 

“LFPH is a natural home for CCI. There is strong alignment on the most urgent matters to address, such as interoperability, privacy and ethics as they related to vaccine credentials. Most importantly, LFPH strives to respect the community-driven and open nature of CCI, which is essential to true collaboration and wide adoption. We look forward to working with LFPH and stakeholders across communities, sectors and industries, especially PHAs, on vaccine credentials for COVID-19 and other public health credentials,” said Lucy Yang, co-lead, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative. 

About Vaccine Credentials

To share more about vaccine credentials, CCI and LFPH hosted a webinar in January 2021. The recording is available for your viewing: