LFPH Faces

Fostering a collaborative environment for open source public health

Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH)’s mission is to build, promote and sustain open source software to improve global health innovation.

Looking forward to the future

There is no question that the community’s contributions during the height of the pandemic provided enormous benefit – possibly even life-saving. LFPH has represented a unique opportunity for the tech community to start collaborating around an urgent global health need, and we look forward to the opportunity to generate similar momentum in the future to address global challenges in health IT.

Use our open source projects

Linux Foundation Public Health is committed to advancing the use of open source solutions in global health. Our COVID Green™ and COVID Shield™ exposure notification apps are being deployed in Canada, Ireland, and multiple U.S. States. Cardea provides a vaccination credential solution being used around the world. PHAs and healthcare organizations can leverage their existing IT vendors or we can recommend partners who can customize the software for you.

Host your public health open source project with the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has a long track-record for helping nurture and grow the open source community around critical software projects such as Linux, Node.js, and Kubernetes. If your open source project is being deployed with a public health authority, we would like to talk to you about hosting it with the Linux Foundation.