Man wearing protective gear


Daniela Barbosa

GM, Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity

Daniela Barbosa is the VP of World Wide Alliances for LF Public Health.

Jim St. Clair

Executive Director

Jim is the first Executive Director for Linux Foundation Public Health.

Jenny Wanger

Director of Programs

Jenny creates the tools and resources necessary to help the teams implementing LFPH apps quickly understand how to best use the technology successfully.

Lucy Yang

Community Director, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI)

Lucy facilitates the formation of strategic directions and leads operations and communications at the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative.

John Walker

Community Architect, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI)

John joined the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative from day one and has since been a co-lead for the operations and communications of the community, which has now grown to nearly 400 participants. He played an instrumental role in taking CCI into Linux Foundation Public Health.

Kaliya Young

Ecosystems Director, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI)

Kaliya is the Ecosystems Director, CCI and has this role because she is hyper-connected across the network of organizations working together on developing verifiable credentials.

Min Yu

Program Manager

Min provides program management to scale the growth of an open source project community and to support the activities of the project governance and various committees at The Linux Foundation.

Rob Schwartz

Marketing Specialist

Rob draws on his years of experience in public health and computer science to shape LFPH’s outreach and communications.

Chris Abraham

Web Engineering Manager

Chris is the Web Engineering Manager at LFPH, leading maintenance and new development projects.

David A. Wheeler

Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security

David will help LFPH projects develop secure and privacy-respecting software.

Asia Pacific

Julian Gordon

VP, Asia Pacific

Keith Chan

Community Director, Greater China

Dorothy Cheng

Marketing & PR Manager, Asia Pacific

Maggie Cheung

Operations Manager, Asia Pacific

Jessie Wang

Operations Manager, China

Sueyoung Chang

Ecosystem Manager, Korea