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LF Public Health’s mission to use open source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. Host your project with LFPH to benefit from the support and services of the LFPH ecosystem.

What does it mean to host a project?

Hosting a project with the Linux Foundation follows open governance, which means that there is no one company or individual in control of a project. When the maintainers of an open source project decide to host it at the Linux Foundation, they specifically transfer ownership of the trademark for their project to the Linux Foundation. They don’t transfer the copyright, however, since usage is already available to other users under the open source license.

Note that LFPH will only be hosting the upstream code. Each PHA may use that upstream to create its own custom implementation.

Why you should host your project with LFPH

LFPH provides the following services:

The project application process

All projects follow a project progression set forth by the Technical Advisory Council (TAC).

The Linux Foundation is the leading commons for community assets 

We build ecosystems around open source projects

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Building large, sustainable ecosystems requires collective resources


We gathered over 45,000 attendees from over 12,000 organizations across 113 countries in 2019.


We manage IP for the world’s most important tech and have one of the world’s top open source legal teams in house.


We have trained millions of students through free and paid online training, online skills certification, and on-site e-learning.


We have designed and implemented both software and hardware testing and certification programs.

Developer Marketing

We have the largest share of voice of any open source foundation and a proven method to build large scale developer programs.

Developer Operations

We host the infrastructure that develops the world’s largest software communities and provide release management, IT ops, and support.

Application Security

In addition to massive peer review, our projects are regularly audited and pen tested. We offer bug bounties, dependency analysis, and code scanning.

The Linux Foundation serves as a nonprofit home

The LF has invoicing relationships with its 2,000 members, representing nearly every significant tech company, hundreds of startups, and many government organizations. We have strong relationships with all of the public cloud, mobile phone, and telecom organizations. For example, CNCF currently administers $9M in Google Cloud credits and $200k from AWS for our hosted projects.

The mission of the LF, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, is to support the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems and public health is a natural next focus.

The LF can quickly receive and distribute funding. The LF fee for fiscal sponsorship services, which includes audited financials, is 9% of the first million dollars per year and 6% of additional funds.

“We’ve been one of the bedrock members of the Linux Foundation since its inception. We have a long history of doing open source projects throughout many communities. (But) there are things we couldn’t do before that we can now do, working in partnership with The Linux Foundation. If we were to take a project, open source it ourselves, and expect people to come to that project, that’s a very difficult path. But when you do it in partnership with The Linux Foundation, that path gets smoothed.”

Todd Moore, VP of Open Technology, IBM

Host your project with LFPH

Join the growing roster of LFPH-hosted projects and take advantage of our resources and emerging community.