MedCreds allows medical authorities to directly issue test and vaccination results in the form of verifiable credentials to individuals in a digital wallet.

MedCreds was accepted to LFPH on April 29, 2021.

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Hypothesis: #SSI is overbuilt on infrastructure & underbuilt on applications people can buy to solve a problem today.

I can name only a few Layer 4 (non-infrastructure) SSI products off the top of my head: @memberpass, Credentia (@sgershuni), @MedCreds

What else exists?

In brighter news, AB 2004 (VCs for medical test results) by @IanCalderon will progress to senate floor. Props to board members @MedCreds and @civickey for all their hard work on this!

CA AB 2004 takes one more step to becoming law in California! The bill authorizes #VerifiableCredentials for transmission of medical test results from authorized medical authorities to patients:

Meet Dr. Brent Blue, a MedCreds Medical Advisor who helps keep our team up to date on the latest information in medical science related to #COVID19: