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TCN Coalition and LFPH have merged

The TCN Coalition has merged into Linux Foundation Public Health. We are very excited to be able to continue our mission promoting privacy-preserving and interoperable exposure notification apps under the umbrella of such a broad-reaching organization.

Initially founded to ensure cross-border interoperability and to reduce duplication of development efforts, the TCN Coalition has evolved to include supporting public health authorities in their engagements with app-building teams and IT providers.

“The leadership and members of TCN are proud to join forces with the Linux Foundation to establish the new LFPH initiative,” said Andreas Gebhard, Co-Founder and COO of TCN Coalition. TCN Coalition Executive Director Jenny Wanger added: “This is a logical next step for the work we’ve been doing since our inception. We look forward to an even wider collaboration to help navigate this fast-moving and essential endeavor.” Wanger is now serving as the Head of the Implementer’s Forum for LFPH, where she coordinates implementation teams around the world that are building COVID-19 tools, while publicly documenting best practices.


The TCN Coalition created several publications and we are glad to make them available here for download:

UX Recommendations Whitepaper

The following Whitepaper lays out the TCN Coalition’s recommendations for best practices around the UX for Exposure Notification (aka digital contact tracing) apps. It is the result of discussion within the TCN Coalition’s community of members and experts.

Component-Based Comparison of Privacy-First Exposure Notification Protocols

The TCN Coalition supports efforts towards privacy-preserving exposure notification, for which several privacy-by-design protocols exist. The following document, written by Working Group lead Ellie Daw, is a component-based summary and comparison.

Interoperability Recommendations Whitepaper

The TCN Coalition supports apps that are building privacy-first, decentralized solutions for contact tracing in support of the COVID-19 crisis. In order for the various apps to collectively achieve necessary adoption, it is paramount that cross-application interoperability is achieved.

TCN Protocol

For those who are interested in using the open source TCN Protocol to develop your own apps please reach out to the CoEpi team who have taken on the lead maintainer role for that codebase.