AI Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges

Recorded: Monday March 21, 2022

Webinar Speakers: Jim Dempsey, Stanford Cyber Policy Center; Jim St. Clair, LFPH Executive Director; Animesh Singh, IBM CTO for Watson AI & Data Open Technology; Dr. Beat Buesser, IBM Research Europe

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare has been making rapid advances in many areas of the healthcare and life sciences industry. However, the recognition of threats and vulnerabilities of AI models and algorithms has lagged in their adoption. While many countries are establishing guidelines for the ethical use of AI in society, standards and specifications for securing AI are still in early development.

Join this Linux Foundation Public Health webinar to hear more details about open source efforts to secure AI and improve transparency in its operations. Our special guest will be Jim Dempsey of the Stanford Cyber Policy Center to discuss his research, “Vulnerability Disclosure and Management for AI/ML Systems”. Also presenting will be Jim St. Clair (LFPH Executive Director), and IBM experts Animesh Singh (IBM CTO for Watson AI & Data Open Technology) and Dr. Beat Buesser (Research Staff Member/Master Inventor, AI, Security and Privacy, IBM Research Europe).

Our agenda includes:

  • Overview of the latest developments in AI in healthcare
  • Understanding vulnerability disclosure – recommendations from the Stanford Policy Center
  • LF AI open source projects to secure AI
    o Adversary Response Tool (ART)
    o Explainability 360