COVID Health Credentials for International Travel – APAC

Recorded: Wednesday December 1, 2021

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As more and more governments adopt major COVID certificate standards (see a blog post series we released on this topic) to reopen borders, the travel industry is working hard to catch up on their technology to meet the evolving travel requirements. However, there is still no shortage of complaints from travelers about their cumbersome international travel experiences. 

Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) and its COVID Credentials Initiative have been working to support the implementers of COVID credential solutions since the beginning of the pandemic with a particular focus on facilitating interoperability among technology standards while preserving privacy protection of individual’s data. At this critical juncture of global reopening, LFPH and our member Affinidi, a leading player in the space, are bringing key actors from the travel industry and technology vendors who are serving the travel industry together, to share and discuss:

  • What technology solutions are in use to issue, process, manage and verify COVID certificates along the journey for international travelers, from before they leave home to their arrival at the hotel at their destination.  
  • How they navigate and implement the complicated health policies and travel rules.
  • What the key challenges they are facing to provide a safe and smooth travel experience, including major technology and policy gaps that the LFPH/CCI community can help address

The event will have two main parts – panel presentations and breakout community forums. Confirmed speakers for panel presentations are:

  • Viola Wang – Head of Asia and Africa region for ICTS Europe
  • Alvin Lee – Digital Strategist, Singapore Airlines (SIA)
  • Carly Chia – Legal Counsel, BP Healthcare
  • Jillian Chan – Manager (COVID-19 Airport Transformation Office), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
  • Gaurav Gupta – Sales Director of Public Security and Identity (ASEAN), IDEMIA
  • Jonathan Tong – Senior Vice President, Airline Solutions, Delivery and IT Sales (APAC), Amadeus

For a detailed agenda and meeting logistics, please visit the meeting page.