Reliable Bluetooth communication and range finding across a wide range of mobile devices.

Herald was accepted to LFPH on January 28, 2021.

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New Blog Post from The Herald Project - Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API. This will power our work on Smart Hospitals, aiming to improve clinical staff, patients & visitors lives. Blog post: & Demo overview: https://t.co/wf6RHpii1G @LFPubHealth

Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API

Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API


Herald was featured second in @vmwopensource's 2021 review of the top Open Source projects! Read about it here: Herald originated in @VMware before being donated to @lfpubhealth in Feb 2021, and 2 of our contributors, @adamfowleruk and @robbiej, work there

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Singapore's contributions add to the fact that Herald is already in use in Australia and Canada. It provides a great alternative to GAEN for those looking to run a bluetooth-based exposure notification program. https://t.co/u2dJi2Gok9