Reliable Bluetooth communication and range finding across a wide range of mobile devices.

Herald was accepted to LFPH on January 28, 2021.

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Quick poll: If The Herald Project were to release a hackable eHealth wearable hardware kit, and/or Smart Hospitals/Building IoT kit, would you buy such a kit? (Like Raspberry Pi Foundation do for end user computing, but health focused) Please RT @LFPubHealth @openuk_uk

Ben Kresge, Computer Science major @WPI. He has been researching methods to improve distance estimation in the @OOeducation app using Bluetooth proximity data through @HeraldProximity

Great news! A new Herald beta release for iOS!!! Data Analysis API improvements, and laying the groundwork for the future Exposure and Risk API across all platforms!

New Blog Post from The Herald Project - Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API. This will power our work on Smart Hospitals, aiming to improve clinical staff, patients & visitors lives. Blog post: & Demo overview: https://t.co/wf6RHpii1G @LFPubHealth

Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API

Introducing the Herald Bluetooth MESH API


Herald was featured second in @vmwopensource's 2021 review of the top Open Source projects! Read about it here: Herald originated in @VMware before being donated to @lfpubhealth in Feb 2021, and 2 of our contributors, @adamfowleruk and @robbiej, work there

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Singapore's contributions add to the fact that Herald is already in use in Australia and Canada. It provides a great alternative to GAEN for those looking to run a bluetooth-based exposure notification program. https://t.co/u2dJi2Gok9